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The FSS has led the world for the best part of 30 years. The father of DNA profiling, Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys, fears closing the FSS means that instead of continuing to pioneer new techniques we may soon be sending our forensic work abroad.The FSS began life as a network of regional forensic science labs during the Thirties.

The Lambeth FSS laboratory is the only one in the UK to have developed so-called ‘Cinderella analysis’, which means its scientists can show who the regular wearer of a shoe is, using information such as the angle of footfall and weight distribution.

Emmy award-winning make-up artist Diane Chenery-Wickens was supposed to join her husband David in London on the afternoon of January 24, 2008, after her meeting with the BBC. He telephoned the police to report her missing, then returned to Hazelden Cottage, their home in Duddleswell, near Uckfield in East Sussex.

When interviewed by police, David Chenery-Wickens, a 52-year-old psychic healer, professed his innocence.

Given the appearance and location of the bloodstaining on the rings, in my opinion it was most likely that they were being worn when they became bloodstained.

It regularly deals with cases of murder, sexual assault, burglary, drugs and firearms.

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Home Office minister James Brokenshire said that the service was losing £2 million a month and stated it was ‘uncompetitive by charging too much for its services and consequently losing business to commercial rivals’.

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