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We, along with our son,daughter and their spouses, all share the same phone account.I printed the text messages (phone numbers only)his wife had been conversing with for him.Also…he is so secretive, such a liar that Im thinking he is using apps on sons xbox, which I found him on one day.A con….clearly whatever is going off in kids room, btw…we moved again!Do you have any advice for anyone that’s going through the avanlace, tornado, hurricane of hurtful betrayals?

People frequently let their discarded emails linger for weeks before they're permanently erased.

This is where the browser history can help you out.

It had a wifi address to a hot spot…or I thought it was a hot spot.

I knew he was up to no good at work, I brought h lunch one day, he got mad.!?

No way would he have ever talked to me that way, get I brought him lunch?

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