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Even tying in Trump, Adelson, and the election—which might have felt unwieldy to an outsider—made sense to me as an idea most of us in the media had latched onto by the end of 2016, and which persists today. Did I totally screw up my first culture banter piece?

It’s pretty scary that the truth feels malleable these days, rather than the fixed, objective reality that reporters are supposed to expose. seems obvious and/or convoluted to those of us who work in this industry, maybe that's what makes it compelling to outsiders.

Then again, I work in the very industry Knappenberger’s movie seems dead-set on defending and protecting.

I am the target audience—I have a vested interest in people understanding attacks on the First Amendment.

In any case, you had to reorient yourself for that segment, and I wish the doc had been more well-organized from the beginning.

If anything, it should've presented all these stories earlier on and then woven them together more consistently.

In , which premieres today on Netflix, Knappenberger draws parallels between Silicon Valley mogul Peter Thiel's financing of Hogan's lawsuit (which drove Gawker to bankruptcy) and ongoing efforts by plutocrats from Trump to casino mogul Sheldon Adelson to silence the free press. We asked Davey Alba, who covered the Gawker case for WIRED, and Angela Watercutter, who has written about Knappenberger’s previous work, to hash it out..

We saw this movie through the San Jose Camera Cinema Club, which will be starting its 20th season this fall.

Trump was elected president, Hulk Hogan and Gawker Media ended their months-long legal battle over the wrestler's sex tape.

I hope that people who don’t work in journalism can take something away from this. Davey, you watched this whole thing unfold much more closely than I did; was there anything in this doc that really struck you?

Moreover, do you think it’ll be as riveting for the average Netflix-surfer as it is for people in our field?

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