Wanted a grandmother for sex

The next count, from 1908, found them in 97 out of 100 German cadavers. They’re most commonly found in our eyelids, nose, cheeks, forehead and chin. Some say they eat sebum, but Nutting thought that such a diet wouldn’t be nutritious enough.

That’s not to say they’re restricted to the face: has been found in the hairs of the ear canal, nipple, groin, chest, forearm, penis, and butt too. They prize bodily real estate that’s flooded with oils (sebum). It might also explain why their numbers are apparently higher in the summer, when hot temperatures ramp up sebum production. Instead, he said that they feast on the cells that line the follicle, sucking out their innards with a retractable needle in the middle of a round mouth.

They move about in darkness and freeze in bright lights. The mite has no anus, and stores its waste in large cells within its gut. Their favourite hook-up spots are the rims of your hair follicles. The young mites take six days to reach adulthood, and they live for around five more.

If they insist on a follow-up examination for hair follicle mites, the situation is a bit delicate because most will still be positive.

Diplomacy will prevail—only two of our 12 have failed to respond!

And according to an analysis of 48 separate studies, people with rosacea are eight times more likely to have a infestation.

Obviously, correlation not causation, blah blah blah, you know the drill.

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